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Jul 14, 2011 1:00am PDT
are looking for a safe place, a traditional safe haven to put their money in. >>> and nina, this pressure is being felt all across the globe as debt default meet innings washington run into a fifth day now. we've seen losses across much of asia today. european markets are also down and the u.s. futures aren't looking too perky at the moment. all of that has left gold hovering near a record high as you mentioned, nina, over $1,500 an ounce. >> we should talk about how the european stock markets are reacting, pauline. european investors not terribly convinced this crisis over, especially when talking about italy, which is europe's fourth largest economy. taking a look at the markets. the cac 40 in france, the ftse 100 down by quite a bit at the moment. and the markets in milan, well, are not moving that much but this is a day when the italian parliament will be trying to push through these painful austerity measures. the country has gone to the bond market for its thursday weekly sale, pauline. >> we'll see what the yield brings on the bond market there. and it was a similar story here in a
Jul 28, 2011 1:00am PDT
" starts now. >>> good morning from cnn london, i'm nina dos santos. >>> and a very good afternoon from cnn hong kong. >>> just five days to go and no movement on the u.s. debt deal. investors are getting anxious. >> that's the mood on the markets but how is it looking from the corner office in the some ceos shed light on that issue. >>> another day passes and still there's no sign of progress in washington. there are now just five days to go until august 2nd as lawmakers remain at odds over raising the u.s. debt ceiling. if they don't come to an agreement by then, the united states could actually technically default on some of its $14.3 trillion worth of debt. and as you'd imagine, the repercussions around that would be felt right around the world. already on the european markets investors are getting jittery. let's have a look at how things are faring just about an hour into the trading session. all of the markets are firmly fixed into the red for the second day. heaviest losses coming for a second day from the cac 40. in the last hour or so, we have news that credit suisse, one of the wo
Jul 13, 2011 1:00am PDT
business today." i'm pauline chu at cnn hong kong. >> i'm nina dos santos at rome. here are the top stories on wednesday, july 13th. italians set their differences aside to pass painful austerity measures, but bankers are still betting on a bailout. >>> china's economy cools slightly, but still hot enough to beat the forecast. >>> uk lawmakers close ranks to try and block news corp's bid for bskyb. first up though here in the italian capital, the government is preparing to speak to parliament for a marathon debate over the next couple days, designed to gain the necessary approval for painful austerity measures. these are ones designed to prevent this country from becoming the fourth eurozone nature to go cap in hand to the imf, the eu and the ecb. pauline. >>> european stock market investors are watching italy's debt crisis very closely. here is where they stand at the moment. let's take a look at the moment. the london ftse making some gains, so is the xetra dax t. zurich smi is pretty much flat at the moment on this wednesday morning. nina? >>> pauline, of course, the effects of italy's d
Jul 20, 2011 1:00am PDT
. >>> i'm nina dos santos. thanks for joining us. these are the top stories on wednesday, july 20th. more light on some dark deeds. now uk legislators say news international deliberately tried to thwart a police probe into phone hacking. >> it's all over for yao ming as the most successful chinese player in the nba, calling it quits. >>> apple strikes another rally in the tech sector after another blow-out quarter. >>> media mogul rupert murdoch and his son faced certain questions from uk legislators. now the phone hacking saga rolls on with a new parliamentary report saying murdoch's news international, quote, deliberately tried to obstruct a police investigation into the now defunct "news of the world". in the meantime, prime minister david cameron is getting ready to make an emergency statement on this crisis after flying back early from a trade trip to south africa. >>> many of us here in hong kong watched that testimony and we stayed up pretty late to watch it. rupert murdoch denied any knowledge of phone hacking at the "news of the world," but it was his son james who actually did m
Jul 18, 2011 1:00am PDT
. nina. >> of course, you will remember the first high-profile player who's out of a job as a result of the scandal that led to "news of the world." re re rebeen rebecca brooks. she has since been released on jail. >> reporter: in the koesy world of politics rebecca brooks was at the very center. she wined and dined the very powerful on behalf of her boss, rue put murdock. now arrested by british police, investigating allegations of phone-hacking and police payments by murdoch newspapers. just how did rebecca brooks get to this point? brooks first came to news international as a secretary of "news of the world." she quickly developed her reputation of tenacity as a reporting jurntist. described as both ruthless and charms she was soon the young evidence editor of "news of the world" and shortly after that, "the sun." she spearheaded a controversial campaign to, quote, name and shame alleged pedophile, push living their names and addresses in the newspaper. as the editor of "the sun," brooks testified to parliament they had paid police officers for information and it was under her edi
Jul 22, 2011 1:00am PDT
-- >>> good morning from cnn london, i'm nina dos santos. >> and from cnn hong kong, i'm manisha tank. these are the top stories on july 22nd. >>> now the real test is what do investors have to say about it. >>> deadlocked. debt talks may be little progress as a default deadline gets closer. >>> and the uk phone-hacking scandal takes dramatic new twist as james murdoch is accused of misleading mps. >>> before all that, a bailout and a default of sort. european leaders in brussels have reached a deal to give greece a second bailout. and as you can see, that's been pretty well received on the european stock markets. european policy makers hope the deal, which is worth almost a quarter of a trillion dollars will contain europe's debt crisis and give greece more breektding room. jim boulden explains. >> after more than seven hours of talks here in brussels, the leaders of the euro-zone, the imf and the european central bank have struck a deal that they say will calm the markets, will help greece, and will help the euro. first of all, they agreed to a second loan for greece,
Jul 12, 2011 11:00pm EDT
comuniquese con los consejeros de la organizacion reston interfaith de virginia y llame al tres ninas de entre 9 y 10 años acusaron ante un juez, al esposo de una concejal de falls church de cometer ofensas sexuales.. michael gardner padre de dos gemelas de 10 años y esposo de la ex- alcaldesa robin gardner, fue acusado de tocar inapropiadam ente a dos ninas en la noche mientras dormian despues de una celebracion de sus hijas en la que invitaron a seis amigas a ver peliculas y dormir en casa.. en otro caso, otra nina detambien fue tocada inapropiadamente durante otra reunion similar.. gardner esta libre bajo fianza.. los nombres de todas las victimas del 11 de septiembre e fernando pizarro nos dice quienes condenan la accion de las autoque sea, se lleve a cabo en su totalidad. lo mas importante aqui es que se le garanticen los derechos civiles a los estudiantes, los puertorriquenos, a la prensa, de todos cuyos derechos han sido violados. el representante de puerto rico en el congreso indica que se ha iniciado 1 proceso de profesionalizacion de la policia. ya se pr
Jul 15, 2011 1:00am PDT
.s. -- the u.s. credit rating. nina? >> pauleen, let's bring you new that's come out just in the last couple of hours. credit suisse has not confirmed that it is under investigation by the u.s. department of justice. it issued a statement saying that the investigation is focused on the private banking services that it offered to u.s. citizens and that it will fully cooperate with the authorities to try and resolve queries linked to those particular services. >>> here's what's happening in the asia pacific markets. the markets were mixed on this friday as investors worried about that standard and poors threat to cut its raising on america's bonds. it was a little bit of a mixed bank. shanghai and hong kong, it was a choppy session where property stocks were under pressure. they will limit the number of homes families can buy in smaller cities. china is trying to control housing speculation after selling increased 31% by last month. but by the end of trade, it regained ground and ended the day up by almost a third of a percent there. the main aussie benchmark town by about 0.4%. and stocks on
Jul 27, 2011 1:00am PDT
right now. i'm zain verjee. >>> good movrng from cnn london. i'm nina dos santos. >> i'm aneesh shah tank. >>> timing running out for a u.s. debt deal. who's got the most to lose if the country goes into default? >> one cred et rating agency has already downgraded u.s. debt. we'll speak to its ceo. >>> three years and $15 billion later we look back at china's lichl picks as the countdown begins to the games in london. >> first, the clock is continuing to count down in washington. just six days to go until a possible u.s. default unless lawmakers can come to some or the of agreement on raising the debt ceiling. a vote on republican john boehner's bill has been expected on wednesday, but it did run into opposition from his own party and now as a result it's already being rewritten. this is coming after republicans complained it didn't cut spending and deficits as much as originally expected. a vote is likely to take place on thursday at the earliest. in the meantime with a default looming, a compromise is loong more appealing to some. conservative senate republican leader mitch mcconne
Jul 29, 2011 1:00am PDT
. -- captions by vitac -- >>> a very good morning to you. from cnn london, i'm nina dos santos. >> and a very good afternoon to you from cnn hong kong. i'm manisha tank and it's friday, july 29. >>> the deadlines get closer and closer. >> and while washington remains in deadlock, what do investors and analysts have to say? we hear from some of the experts. >>> and if the u.s. does miss that deadline, the question is what happens? we'll be taking a look at the possibilities. >>> so we're getting closer and closer, yet another day passes, and it's the same old story in washington. there's still no awe agreement on reaching the debt celling and that leaves us just four days to go until the august 2nd deadline and a possible default. >> well, we thought we'd need to see progress late in washington. progress at least. inestate 10:00 p.m. local time the word came there wouldn't be a vote. republican house speaker john boehner failed to get enough support from his own caucus to bring his own debt ceiling plan to a vote. that plan would have raised the debt ceiling and cut spending but
Jul 25, 2011 2:00am PDT
this hour. u.s. futures as well. nina is live in london, watching european markets and bond trading. first to christi lu stout live in hong kong. markets in asia have closed right now. what's the talk? >> well, there are as you mentioned red arrows across the region, but linked to a variety of news lines, not just u.s. debt ceiling story. investors in japan are spooked by the u.s. debt crisis. the nikkei closed down abo about .8%. partly because investors are buying into the japanese yen, considered a safehaven. as we know a strong yen means weaker earnings for japanese exporters. toyota and sony saw losses today. the biggest loser in asia was the shanghai composite slid 3%. in hong kong the hang seng fell two-thirds of a percent, shares of china south locomotive and rolling stock fell nearly 13% after a bullet collision in mainland china killed dozens of people and something that has shuttered markets throughout china, shanghai and hong kong. back to you in new york. >> thank you for that. we're getting word that moody's is downgrading greece's credit rating again. nina, you're following
Jul 13, 2011 4:30am PDT
that required 12 stitches. gash is significant and scar is as a result. >> she is a fan nina and she is suing for negligence of assault and battery. he is speaking on her behalf. >> the band shoreline amphitheater and those affiliated with the band and lead singer of the band. >> nina was given backstage passes to meet the band where they sent the picture and apologized. you can see the bandage above her eye. >> it wasn't anything she anticipated. i don't think you are going to get hit by a can of soda. >> the band's luabl did tell her attorney they weren't involved. shoreline says they can't comment on pending litigation. >>> back in late 2008 a fan sued a rap group after a similar situation and that suit claimed they threw a bottle in south dakota and ended up in a fractured bone in his face. >> next on news at 5:00, former 49er great joe montana makes his case to santa clara city council to get approval, did he get a first down? >> and new revelation about previous victims of philip garido. >> the dispute between an >> the dispute between an airline and passenger empty nest, new kitchen, n
Jul 6, 2011 4:00am PDT
. at this point we would like to -- there was one other card here. there is a nina? i apologize. i was going to close comment. thank you. if there is any other speakers who would like to speak who haven't given a card, line up there. otherwise, i will be closing public comment after nina. >> thank you for having me. i was born and raised in san francisco. my mother is actually an immigration consultant. i think growing up here, it was very aparent a, how much more vibrant this community because of the immigrants who are here. i graduated from laurel high school, which is the school where the majority of students are students of color. apart from my caucasian friend,
Jul 13, 2011 4:00am PDT
by intent. forgive me. at this point we would like to -- there was one other card here. there is a nina? i apologize. i was going to close comment. thank you. if there is any other speakers who would like to speak who haven't given a card, line up there. otherwise, i will be closing public comment after nina. >> thank you for having me. i was born and raised in san francisco. my mother is actually an immigration consultant. i think growing up here, it was very aparent a, how much more vibrant this community because of the immigrants who are here. i graduated from laurel high school, which is the school where the majority of students are students of color. apart from my caucasian friend, i don't think a single one of my friends came from a non-immigrant family. the other thing growing up in this climate is how polarizing the issue is. it seems like there has been a battle between people who are pro immigration and people who are anti-immigration. but i think, especially seeing all the faces here, just putting faces on this issue makes it so there aren't two sides to this people, that there
Jul 7, 2011 11:00pm EDT
cuando alrededor deotros dos, produciea muerte del primero.. dos ninas pequenas el crimen de odio racial en contra de los hispanos ha crecido de manera . alfredo la jefa del departamento de policia de washington, kathie lanier, dijo que los crimenes de odio cometidos en contra de los hispanos esta creciendo damente. el crimen con base en odacial es una categoria protegida.cosas que indican que la motivación del sospechosos esta basada en las categorías protegidas, estamos hablando de la raza la religion, la orientacion sexual, y cosas asi. historicamente la inmensa mayoria de crimenes de odio en washington dc, han estado ligados a la orientacion sexual de las victimas, pero en los ultimos 18 meses estas han caido un 50 por ciento y ha crecido el crimen basado en odio racial. pero como se determina un crimen de esta deeo hemos visto un incremente, pero parte de ese incremento calvez pueda ser que nosotros estam,os haciendo unmejor trabajo, coleccionando y hablando con la co,munidas y que ellos hablan con nosotros, sobre los crímenes que están ocurriendo con policia tambi
Jul 19, 2011 1:00am PDT
in what she has to say because of the ongoing police investigations, nina. >> atika, we've had the death of sean hall, former "news of the world" employee who was also a crucial whistle-blower her and two top coppers in the land departing as a result. it's the questioning very serious now. >> reporter: is getting serious and with the death of sean hohrer, unexplained but not considered suspicious at this time but he was the one who pointed the finger at andy coulson and david cameron, not only did andy coulson will phone hacking, but he actively encouraged the phone hacking. this threatens the murdoch media empire but really also downing street, that prime minister cameron himself is now taking this very seriously. he is coming back early from south africa today to attend a special day of parliament tomorrow specifically on this issue, and of course, scotland yard has been tainted by this with the top cops in the country now resigning. people are wondering just how far does this scandal, does the corruption go? >> okay, atia shubert joining us live from westminster, many thanks for that,
FOX News
Jul 28, 2011 1:00am PDT
and senator schumer's comments today. let's bring in our panel to analysis. david drucker, nina easton, and charles krauthammer. let's start with the revised boehner plan that appears to be get tea party support. it seems they're trying to dig out some more spending cuts. >> yeah. this was the problem yesterday with that. aside from the debt ceiling, what you had for fiscal year 2012, which starts in october, was spending cuts in single digits. a lot of people made some mention yesterday, well, it only cuts the deficit by a billion in the first year, but the real number you need for these guys to be able to believe in this and sell it, how much money is it going to cut immediately? because for years republicans feel as though they were hoodwinked with promised back-loaded cuts. lo and behold you get to a new congress and nobody cuts spending. >> explain the difference between the baseline, where you start this thing, you start in january or start in march. >> this is what makes it confusing. they were doing two different baselines yesterday. one started in january. in other words, how
Jul 13, 2011 12:35am PDT
lady number 9, you're talking about nina. nina >> jimmy: might want to put your goggles on, my man. [ drumroll ] everyone, safety is sexy, you guys. safety is sexy. [ laughter ] nina, pour that $100 on his head. there you go! [ sad tuba ] [ laughter ] he's offended nina. she's upset. it looked heavy coming over. that's why i didn't -- i knew it wasn't the $100. that's baked beans. [ laughter ] that's baked beans, my man. what are you laughing at? there you go. what are you thinking, my man? [ audience shouting ] audience? >> three. >> three, you're going with marchella. ♪ marchella >> jimmy: is marchella with the bucket holding the $100. thank you, marchella. give him that $100! [ drumroll ] [ sad tuba ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: sorry. so sorry. that was orange fanta. [ laughter ] orange fanta. good. >> yep. >> jimmy: watch it, buddy. those beans are slippery. yeah, yeah, yeah. okay, here we go. what are you thinking, my friend? >> number six. >> oh, number six, we're talking about kenzie! ♪ kenzie >> jimmy: kenzie, thank you so much. it looks light. let him have that $100! [ sad
Jul 4, 2011 1:00am PDT
. "world business today" starts right now. >>> good morning from cnn london, i'm nina dos santos. >> and a very good afternoon from cnn hong kong. i'm andrew stevens. welcome to "world business today." these are our top stories on monday, the fourth of july. the invisitors welcome a change of leadership, and the prospect of renewed stability and grouktd. >> tiger airways tanks when there's talks of substandard safety. >> and harry potter fans are on a marathon stamina. before that, let's take you to the stock markets. firsthand asia, solid gains as concerns about the u.s. recovery and greece's debt fades. things are off to something of a seesaw start and living large on the horizon, we get the big monthly jobs number out of the u.s. let's get to europe. nina, how's it looking? >> well, european stock markets, an drew, seem to have been taking their cues from asia, but starting out, generally speak, of an optimistic note. the eu's approval has eased some investors' worries. we'll have more of that in just a moment, but taking a look at the markets as you can see, it's broadly spea
Jul 5, 2011 1:00am PDT
to quell these safety fears. mark o'brien. i'm checking that you can hear me. it's nina dos santos in london. >> i'm sorry. i can't quite hear at the moment. let me try to ask you again, mark. >> breakup on the line here. >> briefly, how realistic is it to expect they'll be given the all-clear in 48 hours? >> this is going to be difficult. there's been 48,000 passengers have been inconvenienced by this. they are watching closely to see if the civil aviation authority will allow the planes back into the air. it comes at the worse time possible. it's school holidays in this country. travel plans have been thrown into chaos. and everybody is waiting to see if the talks will resolve the matter by saturday. at this stage, there's no implication for that deadline to be extended. right now, there's a lot of people very confused. a lot of people very angry that this has happened to them. they've made their plans. now, that option has disappeared. a lot of people are just waiting. the best they can hope for at the moment, is a refund. but there's going to be backlogs. and everybody can get
Jul 6, 2011 1:00am PDT
london. i'm nina dos santos. more advertisers consider pulling the plug as britain's tabloids is hacked. >>> and touching a raw nerve. we'll tell you why japan's meat eating carnival girls have a beef with the boys. >>> first up, though, let's take a look at the markets. it's been a mixed day for asia's stock markets. banking stocks sunk in china. here in europe we had a down beat start to the day. european stock markets have been open for slightly more than an hour at the moment, and as you can see, most of them firmly stuck in the red at the moment. >>> and let's have a look at the currencies because on the currencies front the euro is down by three-tenths of one u.s. dollar. a little under 81 as you can see at the moment. 80.80 is where we stand. in asia it was a mixed day on the stock markets. in tokyo the nikkie closed up 1.10%. not only did the index hit the highest level since the earthquake on march the 11th, but today's gains gave the nikkei the longest winning streak for two years. it was a different story for hang seng and the shanghai co composite index. they sold $3.6 milli
Jul 1, 2011 5:30am PDT
. they travel everywhere. my grandmother, merced, nina played the piano and read poems, while edward read the poems besides playing the fiddle and violin, behaved like an avant garde composer, moving around furniture. according to the journalist were a dynamic duo that rescued the famous hotel sevilla from dereliction in 1919. they also constructed the biltmore neighborhood where many irish american families have homes. when i said irish americans, i go back to the americas, irish-spanish americans and french-irish, et cetera, and my own family live there. other famous irish american personalities at the time were, for example, in the news world the e. f. obrian, the editor of the times of cuba and in the cuban roman catholic church, father moynihan, no relationship to my grandmother, loved for his kindness and great sense of humor. born in the 20's in havana were of irish descent. they were fran emilio. he was entirely blind by the age of 13 but learned gerschwin's rhapsody in blue by using braille scores. he was also one of the major instrumentalists of the feeling -- many of you recol
Jul 6, 2011 5:30pm PDT
rains here in california were caused in large part by la nina, cooler water temperatures in the pacific that change weather patterns. that helped end california's three-year drought. but la nina was followed this spring by a stronger than normal jet stream pattern, creating winds that collided with warm water from the gulf of mexico, causing severe storms across the southern u.s. that led to all those tornadoes and record flooding. meteorologist jan null studies weather patterns. >> any time the atmosphere stays in the same place for an extended period of time, then you're usually going to start seeing some unusual weather events. >> reporter: and the weather may seem worse than normal because many of the storms have hit heavily populated areas. chicago, buried in record snowfall, tennessee flooded, large parts of joplin, missouri destroyed. >> those amounts of damage in urban areas, not only bumps up the dollar figure but also the fatalities and that makes it something that is note worthy. >> reporter: in fact in an average year, weather related damage would total about $6 billion at t
Jul 3, 2011 9:00am PDT
the issue. time now for the sunday group. bill kristol of "the weekly standard." nina easton of fortune magazine. chris stirewalt. and kirsten powers. welcome to all of you. >> thank you. >> shannon: look at the numbers that we have insofar from the latest quarter of g.o.p. 2012 contenders and what we are looking for fundraising for them. we find romney at the top with estimate of 15 to 20 million. and tim pawlenty is neck in neck in the $4 million range. ron paul says more than $4.5 million. herman cain at $2.5 million. no reports from bachmann, gingrich or santorum. what do you make of the numbers? who are the winners and losers so far? >> the big winner is president obama because he has tens of millions of dollars. they are projecting half a million donors total, broad-based. they'll have all the money. they are making financial argument. alum rock has enough, bringing in enough dough to make inevitability argument, he has the cash to site through and get it done. tim pawlenty raises enough to stay viable but the numbers aren't good enough. he can stay in through the ames straw poll,
Comedy Central
Jul 19, 2011 11:00pm PDT
nina. wouldn't you think we were being disingenuous? because you trust us? >> there are intelligence failures, this is not a case of complicity. it's certainly a case of negligence. after all, if you go back to 9/11, wasn't c.i.a. the most powerful organization? thigh didn't know 18 people were training to attack your world trade center. >> no, they did, they just didn't tell anybody else. >> they didn't know four aircraft were hijackd from four different airfields. they didn't know two of them left... >> jon: but you would have to admit there is a history of suspicion not just from the united states but from england and india that the i.s.i. has ties to some militant groups some associated with al qaeda, some associated with kashmiri islamists, some associated with the ha cabny network in afghanistan. you would at mid-there is a lot of suspicion coalesced around this. haqqani. this is not an enormous left turn to suggest there might be elements within the pakistani intelligence agencies that have sympathies. i mean, for god's sakes, we tier ones that worked with them to make holy wa
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 163 (some duplicates have been removed)